Pierrette Thomet is a singer, artist and founder/director of WAM - Weather Arts and Music. Her musical interests as a mezzo range from the Baroque repertoire through to Broadway classics, with particular emphasis on German, French, Italian, English and Spanish art songs. Her recital programmes are built around a core theme explored both through music and cross-disciplinary approaches, including collaborations with scientists, to deliver an enhanced narrative experience for her audiences.

In her art and photography, Pierrette explores her relationship to landscape and the natural world, memory, and identity through a variety of media, including collage, mixed media, lomography, printmaking, oils, and acrylic. She also works in mask-making and woodcarving.

In her capacity as founder/director of WAM - Weather Arts and Music Pierrette works with partner organisations such as the Royal Meteorological Society, the University of Exeter, the Met Office and partners in the arts to deliver innovative events centred around our relationship with the weather and climate. WAM events explore weather and climate in a variety of ways and allow the public direct and unmediated access to the science of climate change, as well as access to a range of artistic responses and activities aiming to find new ways to talk about this most pressing of global challenges.