Fanny Hensel, Januar from 'Das Jahr' (1840)

23 February 2018: Salon Without Boundaries is at the 1901 Arts Club! More information coming soon


This site celebrates the contribution made to world culture by salons across the 19th and 20th centuries:

·      by uncovering and showcasing the enormous wealth of artistic work by historical women

·      by interrogating historical and present-day gendered cultural practices

·      by opening metaphorical and actual doors to the pleasure and challenge of taking part in the discussion, debate and creativity of a true salon

·      and by creating its own space for contemporary creative work and performance by women and thus continuing the tradition of a salon culture that has transcended the boundaries of time and place - so that women from all parts of the globe and from all ages speak to each other, to each other's art, and to all of us regardless of time, place, status or gender.

The Salon Without Boundaries owes its existence to Fanny Hensel (1805-1847); pianist, conductor, composer, salonière, writer. In gratitude for her continuing inspiration, we have made her the patron of this project.