Salon Without Boundaries: The Inaugural Event

Finally it is here - the video for the Salon inaugural event! It took place on 14 November 2018, at the 1901 Arts Club in London. Called “Mapping The Boundaries”, it looked at women’s creative responses to the natural world. The audience got to experience very different works, from the songs of Fanny Hensel and Pauline von Decker, to contemporary composer and poet Jenni Pinnock and Elizabeth Lewis-Williams, via the art and science of Maria Merian. 

Please have a watch and leave a comment below. Your thoughts and responses are just as much part of the Salon as those of the people who were there on the night.

Part 1:

Fanny Hensel: Prelude in E Minor. Piano: Briony Cox-WIlliams

Fanny Hensel: 6 Lieder, Op. 9. Mezzosoprano: Pierrette Thomet; Piano: Briony Cox-WIlliams

Part 2:

Welcome to the Salon: Briony Cox-Williams

Met Obs: A series of poems based on records in the British Antarctic Survey, by Elizabeth Lewis-Williams. Introduced and read by the author

Met Obs: A song-cycle on the above poems. This is a work in the making. Composer Jenni Pinnock talks about the compositional process, and Pierrette Thomet and Briony Cox-Williams perform two sketches from the cycle.

Part 3:

Pauline von Decker: 3 Lieder, Op. 16. Mezzo: Pierrette Thomet; Piano: Briony Cox-Williams

As far as we can ascertain, this is the first-ever recording of any songs by Decker.